1666 bucks in 2 hours

Yes, 1666.65 $ in 2 hours to be more exact (33333 tokens ), this is a lot of money made in few hours by camming.

So congrats to AnesHereForU for having beautiful fans that loved her, and to FileoSoft. for making such a crazy tip.

Nothing says I’m your biggest fan like a 33,333 token tip!

Let’s see some info about Anes.

She is from Romania , age 27 and counting, birthday on oct 30 1988, lovely brunette with a lot of sex appeal.

If you wish to make money like that, take a look how easy it’s to setup an brodcaster account and start the job, you will wish that you started this job earlier. Camming it’s not for everyone, but if you have what it takes it’s easy as sleeping.

It’s easy to make money online, you only have to find the right method for you, ex: twitter, tumblr, blogspot and other social media accounts. You can read my list of online methods to make money.

What will you do with 1666 in a few hours ?


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