Detailed guide on making money modeling on Chaturbate

Can I make money from Chaturbate?

Chaturbate pays 5 cents/token. That don’t sound much, but you are going to make it fast, 100 tokens will make you 5$, and most tippers tip an average of 20 / 30 per tip. you could make in a few hours about 2000 – 3000 tokens (100$ – 150$). And that for only a few hours of playing online. Let’s say that you only want to be online 15 days / mouth ( 2250$), and that it’s just the avarage sums.

If you have sex appeal you can make like Anes did, 1666 bucks in 2 hours, in tokens that is 33333 from a single big tip. That it’s a lot, no ?

Will it be easy to make tokens on Chaturbate ?

Play around and see what your fanbase like more, beside showing for free, test differente apps, and settings. Your imagination it’s the limit on how your show could be.

Never do anything for free. About every user want to see you naked without paying a dime, your job it’s to make them pay without you asking them to pay, fuck with their mind.

Work towards tip goals. Tip goals are the best, let’s say you show a part of your body for 300 tokens ( only to show it and move on to the next goal) 300 tokens you can make in seconds if the user likes you.

Tips to keep it going. Other good method to make them pay hard, it’s the app to keep it going, you could let’s say use the goal app to start the show at 1000 tokens, after that keep it going app will make you do even more, let’s say you post something like this 5 tokens to continue for 10 seconds, they will pay hard to see you keep going.

Playing games for tokens. It’s the most fun to make tokens, play different games and do stuff for the winners, in the end you are having fun and make money .

Reward your highest tippers. Simple as that, you will get people to love you, love your show, reward the highest tippers so they will never get bored on your room.

Attitude is everything. Remember users come to your room to have fun, they are people, they have problems like all of us, but you as a performer biggest tip I could give you is to be happy , smile , make jokes , have a positive attitude, that is what matters the most, if you are upset and bored user will move to the next model very fast.

Could I make money even if I’m not online ?

In addition to making money performing in live chat, models can also get paid by selling content sets directly from their Chaturbate profile. All content sets appear on the profile page right below all the basic information for the model. If you’re pricing your content out at around 300 tokens per piece, that’s $15 for every piece of content that’s sold. If you’ve got a lot of content, and one user purchases all of it, than you could easily come up on over $100 from a single user instantly. Content sales can also occur while you’re offline. Imagine getting paid while you sleep!

In addition to selling content sets, many models will sell other products and services over Chaturbate. This is usually done through the tipping system. For a particular number of tokens, users can purchase access to premium messaging services such as Kik or Snapchat. You’ll also see models selling panties and other worn garments, signed photos and other products and services. This is a great way to get extra tokens from Chaturbate.


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If you have any questions, ask me below and I will gladly answer all of them.