Easy 2k month uploading images

Making money online easy 2k month uploading images it’s just one click away, why one click away View Page? Well you can do easy money with link in title , and the method below it’s just one of many methods.

Make the base
1 Start with a blogger or a tumblr where you can post naked girls / porn pics.

  • choose an niche. ( boobs , ass , porn , blondes , whatever )
  • choose an name, easy to remember
  • ideal start with one blog on on social network then move on with more blog.

Make the affiliate account

The method

  • Upload an beautiful almost naked or porn picture
  • Watermark it with your blog or website
  • Get some traffic from ( twitter, tumblr. reddit, xvideos, Sex.com)
  • Wait for an income from your affiliate links

Why almost naked? u can send ppl to link where they can find naked picture.

For you to work better, you could save time by managing your porn / naked images with the next steps

Semiautomate the method

  • use ifttt.com search a reddit subcat and take the rss out of it
  • post it on your blogger or tumblr
  • you can directly add your links, or do it automatic
  • it’s indicated from time to time to post your own watermarked content.

Proof ( money money moneeeeeyyy )

This is proof of more then 1k money made by this method in 2 weeks. Easy money for you only work no more then 2 hrs on 2 – 3 days a week, nice right ?


This method it’s similar with our twitter and tumblr methods, they are too easy to make money online only by uploading images on website. If you are a girl or a boy that are brave enough you can make money by camming online, show your boobs, ass or dick and cash in. You will not want a regular job ever again.

If you have any improvements to this method I will love to read about it and try it, so post your methods below and let’s make money online.