Easy Guide To Making Money with Chaturbate as Affiliate

This form of affiliate marketing does not involve selling a product at all. Actually, you still get paid if they signup for an account without even confirming their e-mail! That is not very common at all. This specific websites pays $1 per signup and offers something that most people are interested in. It also pays you 20% of everything your referrals pay. This is truly an awesome opportunity. Now, this is your chance to start earning
money online. Follow the guide completely are you will not regret it one bit.

Let’s get started..
1. Go to the Chaturbate affiliate homepage.
Chaturbate is a free adult cam show website where women will
do sexual acts on camera in return for coins. It is designed to
intrigue customers into purchasing more and more coins in
return for videos, pictures, prizes, or something on the
entertainer’s “menu”. Luckily, because this design is so
effective, they are capable of paying you $1 per FREE signup
plus an extra 20% of whatever they purchase.

2. Make an free account
3. Update your payment information
4. Get your affiliate links
5. And bank from your affiliate links

Easy as that, and that was the hard part.
Your imagination it’s the limit, here is some examples on how to convert from your affiliate links:

Twitter, they allow adult content, so you will convert very good here posting porn gifs, or pictures with performers online and your affiliate link.

Tumblr, they love adult content too, and making a fanbase it’s real easy, same as twitter.

Blogspot, well they dont have anything against adult content, so same as the rest it’s easy after getting the ropes.

Let’s say you will combine all of them and make a website similar to this one and post camgirls with your affiliate link. More exposure ( this trick it’s for people that knows basics of webmaster )

And the last part, if you want to make even more money, become a performer, get all the money and end up making around 3000 – 4000 $ / month. ( Read how you can became a performer in some easy steps )

If you have any questions post them below and I will guide you step by step, in return of using my affiliate link 🙂