How to use Apps and bots

Simple how to use Apps and bots on Chaturbate

Fist thing lets see what Chaturbate say about apps and bots.

What are apps & bots?

Apps allow users to customize the chat room experience. You can alter messages, count tips, set timers, send messages to the room, and more. With this toolset, the number of fun games that can be created for chat rooms are endless.

Bots are a special type of app that have less functions than an app, but still serve a purpose in the chat room. Each room can run many bots tailored to any broadcaster’s style.

Below we have a video of Impossiblegirl explain us how to use them.

You can use Chaturbate Apps by going to “Broadcast Yourself” and clicking on the “Apps & Bots” tab (this tab will be shown by default).


It´s important for you to learn how to use games, bots and apps. You can make an extremely fun chat room with them. Try the most popular ones and see which ones works best for you.

You can also do “Peep shows” using your apps and bots. Peep shows are shows where the perfomer sends a password to those who tipped. Once your goal is reached, those who didn’t tip stay out of your show, and the others get the password.

Here is a detailed post on how you can make money from Chaturbate as a model.

In the end tell us, what is your favorite app and bot, how it’s helping your room.