List of online money making methods


This is an always updating list of online money making methods that I tried and made money off it. You are here on this post because you search for online money making methods, so after reading all posts START. Don’t loose any more time. It’s important to just start, try and see what is the best method for you. All of the method in this post it’s perfect for newbies.


Step by step method working as Chaturbate affiliate

Chaturbate affiliate marketing

This type of affiliate marketing does not involve selling real products, actually, you still get paid if they signup for an account and don’t even confirm their email address. That is very cool. Read all about it in this easy to understand method.


Detailed guide on making money modeling on Chaturbate


Chaturbate it’s the most known webcam model website, making money on this site it’s easy and fun. You can make a steady income from this site just by being online and masturbate 🙂 Read the detailed guide on making money modeling on Chaturbate.


Make money with Twitter and Chaturbate

Twitter is a free social networking microblogging site that allows members to send short posts called tweets. Members can follow other users tweets and accounts by using multiple platforms and devices. Twitter allows you to send tweets by simply sending an SMS, also you can use it on their main website to do this, best part is that they allow adult content, so this is just right for us to make some money out of it, start this method by reading all about it here.


Easy 2k month uploading images

If you have the right traffic, you can make a nice sum on month, 2k with this easy to make money method, it’s simple as looking for sexy girls over the internet, you can make 2k on month by uploading porn gifs / pics too, you just have to start.


Make easy money on Tumblr with Chaturbate

It’s the perfect method for people new to IM and making money online on the internet, you have couple of minutes a day, even when you are going to the bathroom. The method it’s with pictures so noobs could understand it better and faster. Take action and make money.


In this post you can find 5 methods on how to make money from adult industry, their are easy to follow and if you are not a quitter money will soon come to your account 🙂 If you love internet and porn read all of them, and take action, make that money, it’s plenty of space for everyone who wants to get a piece of the pie. Good luck on your journey and I’m interested to know what method did you choose and how are you doing.



Drive traffic to your Youtube Channel

Today we are going to get outside of the adult niche and post something useful for users who has a Youtube channel.

We get a lot of questions on how we bring traffic to our channels, below I will post a method on how to get traffic to your main channel.

IMPORTANT ! This guide is for newbies who struggle.