Make money with Twitter and Chaturbate

How to make money with Twitter and Chaturbate

  1. First, you need to get a Twitter account and name it something webcams related.
  2. Then go to Chaturbate, at the bottom of the page on footer, sign up for an affiliate account.
  3. Best is to choose 20% Rev share, this is better then the 2$ signup. You can make more money if you plan to do this for a long term. I make $700 to $900 per month via rev share and it’s awesome. With $ I’m lucky if I make $200. Doing this in the long term, and I made about 8k last year.
  4. Post your affiliate link on twitter WITH , a screencaps of the girls or include one with porn gifs to atract more users to join. Twitter allows jpg images, gifs and videos. You have to make the account big, over 10k for best results, Twitter growing it’s another story witch we will talk later on the road if needed.
  5. Search for promoters, and add them in your tweets, they will help you spread your links. I will add a short list of promoters that retweet for you to get started.

That was the whole method, it’s not rocket science, I’m willing to help you to get started. Just post a comment bellow.

If it’s requested, I will give you a few twists to make it work even better using Tumblr and Xvideos.

Short list of promoters on twitter.

@chaturbate  @ChaturbateEU  @ChaturbateShare  @fttube  @JPromotes @lsthart  @Onlybadchicks

Here is a little motivation, some proof earnings.

The money you see in the pics I made in 2 lucky weeks. So it’s money to be made from this method, if you have other twists and want to share them and a comment bellow.